Talking about delicious food for your little ones


Dear moms,

I decided to start a cooking blog.

Yes, I know, there are hundreds of blogs like this out there, but in this case, this blog is different. I’ll tell you why!

Starting with my own story:

I’m Brazilian and I moved to the UK in 2006. When I got there, I did not speak English, not at all! Oh well, actually I did. I could say: Hello, how are you? How old are you. I’m Melissa. Bye.

Only after my first year I learnt how to pronounce bye bye like the English ladies: bybye! (There is a melody that goes along with it, very interesting! ;-))

So, my first job was at ASDA Super Market cleaning shelves. I began to work at 6 in the morning. It was difficult. I absolutely hated it. Worse then “the job” were the working hours.

From there I went to work in a hotel as a housekeeping and when that happen I was really celebrating the achievement. I was over the moon!

Then, after a few months, I got a second job in the evenings, at an Italian restaurant owned by a horrible fellow, who was not Italian and screamed at the whole team the entire night. He was very scary. And I, a woman, suddenly became the BEST person to do the dishes in the kitchen. I would finish at least an hour earlier than the other KP, even on a Saturday night.

It’s curious how, when we find ourselves in a situation where survival is the goal, small opportunities can become the greatest in your life !!! Every time that guy screamed at someone close to me, I thought: it’s okay, take a deep breath, that’s better than ASDA !!!

Because my mother was a chef (she died when I was 13) I had a connection there. It felt very familiar to be in a kitchen and to be cooking.

This happens because our brain has the ability to store memories and keep information related to our childhood in a very dependent way, where these memories are formed in our CD room with verbal content as well as emotional experiences.

I used to spend afternoons in my Mums restaurant. It was really cool and I had a cousin who was there with me almost every time, we spent time playing on the big roof of this “super modern restaurant” at the time – remember this was at the end of 80’s, early 90’s) and we absolutely loved it.

We used to run around and play all day. Self directed playtime, free from judgments!

Now as an Early Childhood Educator, I am sure it was better for us to be there then at home. We lived with Grandma and she use to spend the day in the TV room, watching programs and smoking cigarettes. (Hollywood cigarettes to be more specific, horribly strong). One after the other. Yes, there was a large garden in that house, but it is very little the percentage of children that will choose the garden over the TV.

After that, I got a job at a sea food restaurant called Loch Fyne and worked my way up to the Sous Chef’s position. Moved from a small town to do the opening of a new Loch Fyne branch in a beautiful place called The City of London at Bank Station. And, to make even better, the work was Monday to Friday!

Wohoooo !!!! It could not get any better!

For a Brazilian, working in hospitality and having two days off per week is like a dream come true. In Brazil, being a chef means working 6 days a week. Always. Don’t you think that should be forbiden? I think so.

Anyways, I was fascinated by this opportunity. Fascinated by how the beautiful London is. And the Landenhall Market, where Harry Potter was filmed and where the restaurant was is incredible too! Unfortunately I have realised that I do not have many photos of that place.

Well, that’s all for now. It is late here, after 10:30pm and my kids wake up at 6:00 every day!

this is my first post, but next time, for sure, I’ll post something about the cooking and recipes! Hahaha!

Speak soon!

With warm wishes,

X Mel Pazzanese.