Why is yoghurt a MUST HAVE ingredient?

I guess we all know that breakfast is very much cultural. Depending on where you are from, you will have grown up eating a certain type of breakfast.

For the British it will be eggs, bacon, baked beans. For Brazilians it will be bread, tropical fruits, freshly made juices, passion fruit, for instance.

But regardless of that, when we are doing the school run, I believe we are all looking for something tasty, quick to be made, not very messy and nutritious.

This is when the yogurt comes along.

In UK you have the amazing organic yogurt with fruits and no sugar. Great. In Brazil for instance you do not. All fruit yogurts are full of sugar and full of other things that you do not need to give to your children or even yourself really.

So here it is the best and cheapest way to have yogurt everyday, every morning. Kids LOVE yogurt. specially if you put a tiny bit (tea spoon only) of molasses in it.

You make the yogurt at home. All you need is to buy some organic milk (if you want it organic) and warm it up to around 50 degrees Celsius. Then once you turn the stove off you let it cool down. When it has come to a temperature where you can stick your index finger in and let in be there for a couple of minutes it is the time to add 1 cup of plain yogurt to it, and keep it warm for 12 hours and that is it.

Remember that if it is too warm it will split. Too cold and it won’t work. So have a look for a recipe on google or even better, buy a yoghurt maker!

Then you have cheap and nutritious base meal for breakfast.

Now, you can mix everything in it and blend it if you want.

Berries, all types, strawberries, bananas, papaya, avocado, all taste great.

Apple and carrot juice if you have a juicer, is very good too. You can mix it all if desired. Just start with a couple of fruits such as bananas and berries and it will work.

Then you get some granola or any type of healthy cereal, low in sugar. A good granola has incredible benefits such as oats and mixed nuts in it which are incredibly good for our body.

This is a perfect, quick, nutritious, not messy, breakfast for school days. Afterwards, all you have to do is wash a blender and few bowls. Kids eat well, and quickly, because they love it.

The only down side is that they might ask for more and you might run out!

Here you can read 7 amazing benefits from plain yoghurt:


And here you can read about all the benefits from different cereals you would want to choose from:


Now, try that and let me know if it worked!

And sugar cane molasses can be a good choice to put in it as well. I usually tell my children to choose between granola or molasses so it does not get too sweet. And remember: only a tea spoon, don’t get carried away by the kids begging for more, establish the rule early and follow through. Molasses is very high in iron!

Here are some of the benefits you find in the sugar cane molasses (go down to the bottom of the page, molasses is number 8!)


Good luck!!

X Mel