Dinner for the family with prep time of only 10 minutes!

Today I’m going to post about this delicious dinner that was done so quickly and it was super tasty!

In our home, the children do not eat red meat. They eat fish. This little piece of fish you see on the little ones’ plate was leftover from lunch so it does not include in the prep time! Ha ha ha!

Now let’s say your children eat red meat, oh well, that makes it as easy.

The dinner was: Couscous, with sausage baked with onion, garlic and fresh tomatoes. Cucumber salad with basil pesto and olives.

First step:

Turn on the oven, put the sausages in with whole crushed garlic, fast and simple, crushed with your palm. Cut the onions and the tomatoes into large chunky pieces, put a dash of olive oil and some herbs. It may be sage or thyme. Fresh oregano also works. Bake it at a temperature of about 180 degrees for 50 minutes.

Second step:

Boil the water for the couscous. Put a reasonable amount of couscous in a container and before the water boils, when it starts simmering, cover the couscous. The amount of water is simply a finger more than the amount of couscous. Put some salt and some olive oil. Cover it. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Then, with a fork, scrape it off and loosen it up a bit. Season with a little olive oil, salt and lemon juice. Delicious!

Third step:

Slice the cucumber, thin or not, however you want.

Take the basil, put in the blender with a little olive oil, enough of both to cover the propeller otherwise it won’t blend it properly. Put salt, and a little bit of raw garlic. Keep in mind that you need more basil than olive oil to get a good consistency. This pesto is simple, and without any parmesan because my husband can not eat ANY dairy products, so it makes it even easier to prepare.

That is it. Now just wait for the sausages to be cooked.

When ready, place the couscous, cut a bit of Iceberg lettuce, open the green or black olives and with all that you will have 3 different dishes if desired:

couscous with sausage, onion and tomato sauce, with green salad, cucumber and pesto.

couscous with green salad, cucumber, olives and pesto for vegetarians. In this case you can add a spoonful of natural yogurt on the side.

Green salad, cucumber, olives and pesto with sausage onion and tomato sauce for moms who do not want to eat carbohydrate! You can grate a parmesan on top of everything. It blends it together nicely!

Wohoooo! Delicious! 3 choices of meals prepared really fast. Yummy and nutritious.

Remembering that: The couscous can be made with several things, but in this case it was made in the most simpler way as possible, because we are busy, ids do not like lots of little things mixed up together (like green herbs and peppers or chopped tomatoes).

Take a look at the pictures!

Good luck!

Speak soon, Mel.