Have any of you heard this? Greenberries???

The other day we were giving dinner to the kids and it was one of those days where you are doing 20 things in the same time, talking to your two children and your husband (about two different subjects!) and cooking carefully not to burn or forget something in the oven – coz my husband cannot have a meal without a piece of bloody protein, and he is a potato lover so “he always prefers to have potatoes for dinner”

Then, suddenly in the middle of the chaos we all hear: Greenberries!! Look daddy look!! Greenberries!!!

We all stopped, looked at each other then at our youngest’s plate of food and realised: It was the peas!!! Hahahahaha it was hilarious!

I was over the moon with this “Greenberry calling” because my youngest does not eat peas, he says he doesn’t like it!

And the way I approach this situations where children decide to hates something for that moment or even FOR LIFE is: I keep trying.

I don’t mention the food neither stop cooking it for the family.

Also I keep putting on his plate every time it has been cooked for dinner – only a little though – and he always says: I don’t like this mummy. And I go: “oh it is really tasty but if you don’t want you can put it on the side of your plate!”

Then when he has calmed down and relaxed (using his frontal lobe part of the brain – the one related to our ability of making choices and using wisdom) I go: “Oh honey, you should try this, tastes lovely!” And I stop right there. I say nothing else.

And the tendency is that because there is no tension involving meal time, at some point this repeated pattern becomes normal and it is more likely that your little one will suddenly decide to give it a try at some point over the next 5 years. Wohooo, a win!

Something that has helped me a lot since I have became a mother was to understand that learning a new skill is something that takes time; I mean, A LOT OF TIME. It takes practice and persistence. Consciously or unconsciously. And sometimes we tend to forget that anything new that we tell a child is a new skill that takes time to be developed. And many of these skills will come with time, and that is because some skills are aged appropriate. So instead of thinking a child is being naughty in a specific situation we could try, I mean, just try, to see from another perspective and try to discover what is the skill that the child is missing?

So what do you thing is the skill missing when a child is very resistant to trying a new food?

Post in the comment bellow!

P.S: Oh, and please do not forget to offer Greenberries for you little one! It is great for young babies starting on solids on Baby Led Weaning method! Spread the peas all over their highchair table! 😉

Good luck!

x Mel