On my post “Building baby’s brain PART 1”  talked about independent and uninterrupted play.

Now we are going to talk about something called Serve and Return.

Serve and return is when playing happens together, with the child. Not only that but parents or caregivers play a role in the game where they value all things children or baby are saying, doing or cooing.

We shared focused attention with the child fully present. for instance, when the child points to something, we look at it and notice something about it. When the child smile at us, we smile back. We engage in doing conversations with babies and unreal chatting with toddlers letting them lead us to that special place in the creative mind.

Every time we socially interact with children this way we are helping them building their brain shape. We are promoting neural connections inside of their brain. Now remember, positive human connections build positive neural connections and negative human interactions build negative neural connections.

Also it is extremely important to know that our brain system works like that: the neural connections that are used the most get stronger and stronger, just like when you go to the gym ti build muscles in you tights for instance. The more you work out your legs the stronger your tights will get.

With the brain is the same. The more we use certain brain systems or emotions the stronger they get.

And the less we use some of our brain systems or help develop more and more positive neural connections they start to loose strength up to the point where they simply disappear.

So the less we promote independent play, the less ability to be independent a child will develop. The more we promote independent play the more a child will master the skill of playing independetly. The more we play Serve and return, the more we will help build positive neural connections providing to the child a sense of belonging, a send of self worth and self confidence.

We will also help children develop positive memories and therefore a positive mind and inner speech later on in life.

Harvard Centre of the Developing Child says that positive social interactions literally wires the brain for success!

So let’s get those brains shaped! Let’s help children succeed!

At my Kindermusik classes we do that all the time!

We promote positive brain building in may situations. Come and join in! 

With warm wishes,

xx Mel